Dance Classes


Designed for our youngest students, these classes offer development in coordination, musical awareness, and listening skills while helping students implement their natural creativity in a stress free environment.

BABY BALLERINA (Ages 2-3) – 45 minutes
An introductory dance class designed for two year olds to develop their gross motor skills and coordination, physical development, and body and social awareness. Children will engage in creative movement, structured play, and learn basic ballet steps. Young dancers learn how to follow direction and imitate movement in a positive environment. The use of props such as “dancing bears” enables the dancers to use their imagination, creativity and, most of all, have fun! Students perform one dance routine in our annual recital.

TINY TOTS (Ages 3-4) – 45 minutes
This fun-filled dance class is an extension of Baby Ballerina, enhancing the young dancer’s knowledge of basic ballet and creative movement. Classes include games and songs designed to stimulate the imagination and creativity of each child and encourage strength, flexibility, balance, and precision in the child’s body. Students perform one dance routine in our annual recital.

PRESCHOOL COMBO (Ages 4-5) – 1 hour
A fun-filled combo class where your tiny dancer will learn the basics of ballet, the foundation for all his/her future dance styles. The fun and rhythm of tap is also introduced at this level. Students perform two dance routines in our annual recital.

KINDER COMBO (Ages 5-6) – 1 hour
This combo class will give your tiny dancer the ability to expand upon their ballet and tap technique. They will also be introduced to the fun and exciting world of jazz dance. Students perform two dance routines in our annual recital.

TINY TUMBLERS (Ages 2 1/2-6) – 45 minutes
An introductory class to the basic fundamentals of Acro-Gymnastics designed for our tiny dancers. Children will develop motor skills, strengthen muscles, and flexibility. Mats are provided. Students perform one dance routine in our recital.

TINY HIP HOP (Ages 4-6) – 45 minutes
This class introduces our tiny dancers to the basics of Hip Hop. Children will warm up with isolations and then move on to learning combinations to age appropriate upbeat music. The high energy vibe of the class keeps our tiny dancers excited to learn and dance! Students perform one dance routine in our recital.


Designed to provide an outlet for students who would like to begin or continue their passion for dance. Dance Impressions provides students with the highest quality dance training allowing young dancers to reach their fullest potential.

Students are placed in classes based on their experience and are continually evaluated by our faculty to insure proper placement.

The length of class time increases as the dancer progresses in age, interest, vocabulary, and ability. In an environment that builds self-esteem and confidence, parents are assured their child will develop necessary life tools that extend far beyond the classroom.

BALLET (Ages 6 & up) – 45 minutes/1 hour/1 hour 15 minutes/1 hour 30 minutes 
Our ballet classes are built upon the standards of excellence set by the Royal Academy of Dance. The Royal Academy of Dance with headquarters in London, England is the world’s leading dance education organization. The Academy has over 90 years of excellence in dance education. Each class will incorporate the learning techniques of the Royal Academy to foster a love of dance, music, and creativity in every dancer.

Optional exams will be held yearly for certain students. These exams are examined by a Royal Academy of Dance examiner and help students see and reach an attainable goal for their dancing, all while being able to develop at their best technical ability in a nurturing environment. Once a certain level is attained the dancer has the opportunity to become a member of the Royal Academy of Dance. This class is required when taking Jazz and Lyrical.

TAP (Ages 6 & up) – 45 minutes/1 hour
Our tap classes focus on traditional Broadway-style Tap fundamentals alongside new, contemporary Rhythm-Tap styles. This great combination of percussive footwork and stylized upper body movement enhance students overall stage presence.

One of our most popular classes, dancers develop their coordination, rhythmic understanding, and musicality in an upbeat and supportive environment. Dancers learn the technique and history of Rhythm Tap, with emphasis on musicality through warm-ups, time-steps, historical choreography, original choreography, and improvisation. Tap Dance is an American art form and a part of the Jazz music tradition, our dancers develop a passion for both the technique and history of the dance.

JAZZ (Ages 6 & up) – 45 minutes/1 hour
Students learn traditional Jazz vocabulary in a fun and engaging class. Through a variety of exercises, students gain strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. As well as learning combinations and choreography, including jumps, turns and various energetic leaps, students explore various musicality and syncopation skills.

Engaging in a full warm-up, stretches, across-the-floor progressions, and choreography, dancers are exposed to various styles of Jazz, including Broadway, Street, and Contemporary to round out their dance skills. They will learn proper dance technique, develop complex rhythms/patterns/isolations, and improve their performance quality as they prepare to move on to the next level. Ballet is required to take this class.

LYRICAL (Ages 8 & up) – 45 minutes/1 hour
Lyrical is a fluid style of jazz dance blending movements from classical ballet and modern dance which expands the student’s sense of interpretation and movement. This class combines the fundamentals of ballet with jazz, starting with a ballet warm-up and then moving to the center floor. By using music at a slower tempo, the students are able to explore the softer, smoother sides of jazz dance training. It also incorporates the emotional connection a dancer can make between their movement and the music. Ballet is required to take this class.

ACRO-GYMNASTICS (Ages 6 & up) – 1 hour/1 hour 15 minutes/1 hour 30 minutes
Acro combines classical dance technique with acrobatic elements while giving students the opportunity to work on strengthening and conditioning their bodies as well as advancing in their flexibility level. Students will learn basic gymnastics moves such as cartwheels, handstands, walkovers and progressing to handsprings, side/front aerials and tucks. Mats are provided. Acro relies on the progression of set skills. Students will be moved up when certain skills are mastered.

HIP HOP (Ages 6 & up) – 1 hour
These classes offer a variety of Hip-Hop styles like Popping, Locking, and Break Dancing. The class will help build confidence and performance presentation in the students along with giving them some opportunities to create and explore their own unique and natural style.

Known for our fun, cutting edge Hip-Hop Classes, dancers hone their coordination and musicality to today’s new school music as they warm up with isolations, cardio exercises, and then move on to building their strength and stamina. Dancers learn fast paced, high energy, and complex movement combinations in their choreography. With roots in Popping, Locking, Breaking, and House, this class hosts an electrifying fusion of Old School and New School that our dancers can’t get enough of. This is a great class for those that want to have fun while staying “fresh” on the dance floor and rocking out like their favorite dance stars as seen on TV!